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CGC Builders' Remodeling & Revitalization division specializes in designing one of a kind additions and projects that reflect each owner's individuality. We are very skilled in blending your new project into your existing property.

CGC Builders has started a revitalization effort in the Baltimore/Washington area. By identifying older properties and removing, demolishing, and renovating or remodeling existing structures, CGC is working to embrace these locations to meet current needs of area communities.

Kensington, Maryland Second Story Addition and Full Renovation

We doubled the living space in this Kensington home! Custom two story addition with partial first floor remodel. The addition included exterior amenities including a deck and sun porch. With a second story addition that included a beautiful new master suite, and three new bedrooms. We also converted an original bedroom to an open family room floor plan with fireplace with even more renovations throughout the existing home; no detail was left unpolished! The kitchen received a beautiful update and modernization, and the existing bath received upgrades as well with many more interior renovations throughout! 

Aspen Hill, Maryland Total Kitchen and Bath Remodel

We revitalized this tired and dated kitchen and bath in this home in Aspen Hill, Maryland. The kitchen features custom cabinetry, fine counter top finishes, and layout optimization, while the bath was modernized with a brand new walk in shower, new fixtures, and custom cabinetry. 

Bethesda Maryland Addition, Kitchen Remodel, and Living Room Renovation

This Bethesda, Maryland renovation and addition in 2015 effectively doubled the livable space in this home! With the entire right half of the home being an addition, we were able to add a dream master suite with en suite bathroom, new laundry room, and spacious two-car garage! This project also included a complete kitchen overhaul, and living room renovation to boot! 

Silver Spring Addition and Major Renovation

Takoma Park Rear Addition and Remodel

Custom rear addition to home in Takoma Park with a remodel of the first floor kitchen.  New cabinets and kitchen with added space to the rear of the home.

Montgomery County Custom Two Story Addition and Remodel

Custom two story addition and renovation to a ranch style home in Montgomery County.  Addition including custom second story addition with remodeled first floor.  

Silver Spring Custom 2 Story Addition

Custom 2 story addition added to the back of an existing brick colonial home in Silver Spring.  Addition included a new master bedroom, master bathroom, deck off the master bedroom and family room, unfinished storage in basement and family room on the first floor.  It also included a dumb waiter that went from the second floor to the basement and had a stop on the first floor.  This feature can be used for laundry, snacks from the kitchen and other items that go from floor to floor very often.  A generator was installed to make sure the owner was never without some type of power due to outages from storms or other source.  This custom addition is very family friendly and offers very nice new space for the family.

Germantown Addition

Custom addition extension for kitchen and family room area.  Addition blended with the original home to appear that it was there from the original build of the home.  

Silver Spring Remodel/Addition

In this Silver Spring remodel/addition, a rear addition was added to the existing home as well as a deck addition. This addition also made room for a remodeled family room and repairs to the roof. Also, a custom doggie door was installed and a unique structured stair way leading to the deck.  

Scaggsville United Methodist Church

In this United Methodist Church addition we created a foundation and front entry way modification to update the entry. We also reused the historic hundred year old doors as a decorative feature hanging inside the entrance. This helped to create an updated look to the outside of the church with a better secured exterior. 

Colesville Addition

This home was a rear addition which updated the existing house. This addition included a family room, fire place, finished basement, an new deck. This addition also repaired existing problems with the home. 

Silver Spring Remodel

This home located in Silver Spring was a rear addition that added a family room and master bedroom. The exterior features such as the roof and siding were also updated in the process of the addition as well. 

Gambrills Addition/Remodel

A beautiful home located in Anne Arundel County had a rear addition which added a new family room, kitchen remodel and a master bedroom. The exterior of the home was also updated with pillars added to the front of the home and a great patio in the back of the home. 

Fulton Remodel

This remodel in Fulton was a 1st floor garage remodel that added onto the kitchen and master bedroom and bathroom area. Also, the remodel updated the outside of the home giving the home a brand new look. 

Silver Spring Addition/Renovation

This home had a front door orientation to the side yard and additions/renovations created a new garage and front door orientation to face the street frontage. The addition portion created a new family room area and the basement was completely remodeled. 

Potomac Remodel

Complete remodel in Potomac with additions. 

Glen Burnie Renovations for Fire Damage

Fire damaged home in Glen Burnie, reconstructed from the foundation creating a two story new home replacing a dated split level home. 

Silver Spring 2nd Story Addition

This project took an existing brick rancher and turned it into a spacious Cape Cod with master suite.

Scaggsville Complete Remodel

This home started as an outdated historic home that was one of Howard County’s original farm houses.  The goal for this project was to bring it up to the local housing standards while preserving its historic farmhouse charm.  Many design ideas were presented prior to construction, as well as during, making this project truly unique.  A large garage, finished basement, and custom showers really modernized this house while the large front porch and stained glass window kept its farming roots alive.  Restoring this home was an amazing experience for both CGC Builders and the new home Owners alike.

Laurel Addition

A perfect family addition!  This addition added a great new floor plan for this family to live comfortably.  It allowed for an updated look and a better use of space.

Ellicott City Historic Remodel/Addition

This historic Ellicott City duplex was completely remodeled and turned into a beautiful, updated single family home. 

Silver Spring Addition/Remodel

This custom remodel took a home that was slightly outdated and removed some walls, added new walls, built a new addition, remodeled the bathrooms, and put new finishes in to make it look like new!  Now the floor plan is much more functional and the appeal of the home is top notch! 

In-law Suite and House Renovation

This Laurel, Maryland project included a whole house exterior renovation with some interior remodeling and the addition of a fully-functional in-law suite.  The in-law suite included a kitchen, large living area, master bedroom, and handicap accessible bathroom with a walk-in tub/shower.  The in-law suite also features a seperate exterior entrance as well as an entry-way between the original home.


Laurel Remodel

From looking at this job’s photos, you will immediately see the major differences between the original kitchen and living room to the remodeled living space.  The new remodel transformed the out-dated kitchen into a beautiful and much more usable space.

Laurel Garage Remodel/Addition

This project highlights a custom garage addition and exterior home remodel with some additional landscaping.  The end result was an updated look that gave this home great curb appeal.

Ellicott City Addition

This Ellicott City home received a custom addition that truly blended with the existing home.  The new kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom were all custom selected by the Customer from the sleek exterior stone to the vibrant paint colors.  This home was slightly altered but it made such a positive difference.

Ellicott City Remodel

This Ellicott City home was given a complete make-over that included an interior remodel, exterior remodel, a custom addition, and a customized deck.  The difference in appearance and function was drastically changed for the better.

Ellicott City Garage Addition

This Ellicott City home features an excellent front exterior remodel including an above-garage addition.  The look of the home is totally transformed giving it great curb appeal and a more functional interior floor plan.

Traditional In-Law Suite Addition

In-law suites are becoming more and more popular.  This particular home shows a typical in-law suite that includes a kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, and a spacious living area. 

Silver Spring Addition

This Silver Spring addition features custom stone exteriors, a modern fireplace, and an extravagant rooftop balcony with a winding metal stairway.

Clarksville Addition and Remodel

Turning an outdated split foyer into an updated, more moden-looking home is what this project was all about.  A two-car garage addition with lots more space makes this a great way to enhance an older split-foyer home.

Bed and Bath Remodel

A gorgeous, and unique shaped, bedroom and bathroom addition/remodel in Howard County, Maryland.

Glen Burnie Renovation

This house turned out to look almost like an entirely different home.  This older Glen Burnie home got a make-over and turned out beautifully!

Old Ellicott City Addition

This project blended a new addition on the side of the home with the original house. 

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